The Message In The Dream

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(A True Story)

I had a dream long ago,
That I shall not forget.
Often, I dream of Jesus,
But this was opposite.

I found myself under ground
In this place called Hell.
I saw a large creature,
With reptile eyes and a tail.

Its assignment was to steal, kill,
And destroy everything I had.
To never see my husband again,
Made me very sad.

Others and I were forced to give
Our bank accounts, and to drink.
I wondered if this was poison -
I didn't know what to think.

I was taken to a surgery room,
Where I was strapped upon a table.
I tried to break free,
But I was not able.

"Holy Spirit, help me!"
I shouted really loud.
As a rushing wind took me out,
The beast shook its fist and growled.

I found myself above the ground,
Surrounded in God's light.
He taught me an important lesson
That I learned that night.

What God said in my dream
Caused me to make a correction.
He said, "people pray for what they want,
But they need to pray for protection."

By Jennifer O'Connor


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