Wagar, Wayne J.

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I had some time to spare, about 20 years ago, so I composed a few poems. Actually, 175. I will not be putting them all down here. Just a few. They are fairly simple. Basic. Some about love. Quite a few about Nature and/or Animals. I have been told that they are fairly good, so I thought I would share some. I also have a website that I have put several of my poems on. Before I found this website. My Website is:


You will see the name Billy in some of my love poems. Billy and I met on July 12th., 1992. My love poems are all for him. I meant every word back in 1995 when I composed these poems. 23 1/2 years later, today, Jan/15/16, I still mean every word, and more. We are soul mates and only death will seperate us. Really!

If you read any of my poems, I do hope you enjoy them. Either way, I would truly appreciate it if you would give the poems a rating. And, if you can relate, please leave a comment. 

Thank you. Enjoy!

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