Kirby L William

Kirby L William

Anything is possible but everything is optional..!

Courtesy's best ENcouraged NOT enFORCED..!

Women's pride is like ketchup which startles you..!

A woman's pride is like a house with many doors, there's just not always a floor on the other side.!.

Like the man who wears his heart on his sleeve, a woman's pride is self-proclaimed by having great offspring.!.

Love either builds like glue or kills like flu..!

We all can't talk nor walk, we all don't have a voice or an ear to hear, we all can't see nor feel but we've all got a heart.!.

Life's better lived silent as the words on a page..!

Life’s a gift in a mystery box..!

The easier you make it seem, the more they'll say you never work hard.!.
If you spare the dick, you'll fear the chick..!

Make hay whiles the sun shine, then make pay after sunset.!.


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