Anna Amador

Anna Amador

I was given this poam by a drug addict when I was about 14 years old, and now I'm 49.  I saved it all these years to remind me of the pain I seen from so many addicts around me.  We where poor and lived in the ghetto.  I seen their pain and chose to never do drugs.  I'm an educated mother of four and one of my children have struggled with addiction.  Addiction tears families apart and leave deep scares. I have seen many family and friends die in their addition. This poam "Lady Heroin Marriage Creed" is a warning sign about the truth of addiction.  Addiction does not discriminate, it can creap into anyones life at any time. Seek help if you fall into addiction before its to late.  There is hope in Jesus.  

I don't remember the authors name but remember the hoplessness in his eyes.  He died of an overdose.

This poam is dedicated to all the struggling addicts, that are searching for hope.  Don't fall into the arms of addiction.

Donated artwork

  • Ravensong and Tahira
    Ravensong and Tahira Original oil painting donated by J. Huffman of two Arabian horses named Ravensong and Tahira.  Painting is 16" x 20"-  frame is included.  No shipping charges for United States delivery. Click on image for larger version....